Photo by Jimryan

I don’t understand why three is a very special thing to say. 

When we say I love you to someone, we have this feed-forward- “I have three words to tell you.”

Also, people stop the moment they said it thrice. 

There’s something special in three. I think what makes it special is the truth that it leaves people with something in between. We are afraid of being left or right-sided, we want to be the mid-piece. We are confused with too much and too less so we go between the two. People are not comfortable with too noisy and too quiet, we want to be in the middle of everything. But often times, we just can’t tell the world that we don’t want to choose between two extremes, so we look for something that could possibly make us feel that we can be somewhere in between.

Three is the most basic neutral number that will perfectly describe the human comfort zone. 

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