Gathering Alone



Sometimes, we need to appreciate the existence of solitude. It is the way we put spaces between the vast and coherent people. It is free to be disoriented by our own thoughts. The pain is assuaged knowing that we have the distance we needed. We are plunged in the process of self-reflection and renewal– we will understand further the similarities and differences of our soul from the other souls.

Photo by Sir Paulo Coelho

Before the solitary moment ends, we’ll realize that there’s someone we can be with. We have that picturesque vision of that person who understands why we sometimes choose to be alone despite of the need of being touched and caressed by others. It is an implication of the intangible relationship we have towards the person we choose to love. Yes, we find love, direction, and peace through solitude. Embrace the idea of being alone sometimes, sometimes doesn’t mean forever.


What Your Eyes Can’t See

Eye Spy

We are liars. You think you know the person in front of you? You think you know the way his thoughts ran through his busy mind? You think you understand what he’s feeling? You think you comprehend even a single thing? YOU ARE DECEIVING YOURSELF, THINK AGAIN.

Artwork by John Marthin Albayalde

No one in this ever-moving world will completely understand someone. Never tell lies such as “I know you,” because you’ll only hurt receiver of the message. When you find out that he’s promiscuous, murderer, shoplifter, or he’s just the way he is, you’ll always tell him to change for himself. You see? You try to change people because you can’t accept them as a whole.

So try to understand why people hide something from you, they’re just afraid. Sometimes lying is the only way to make a person stay in love with us. We just don’t know how they’d react when they find out how our hearts beat, minds think, and bloods circulate.