Defy Fall


Symmetry is a very beautiful thing to experience in the body. The equilibrium between the heart and the mind is so rare that it even becomes so alien to almost all of us. Imagine the peace of not having to choose between what you feel and what you know. Place yourself in a situation where everything goes smoothly and according to plan. Remember the moment when you felt the relief of having the idea- I have it all figured out. That is symmetry; you are having harmonious expectations and foresight with fate.


However, I never knew how it felt like to be symmetric with fate. Yes, I wrote about it but I never really knew it- knowing things is the same as not knowing them, that’s why. I have always been filled with uncertainty and doubts with what’s going to happen tomorrow. I am in a constant interrogation where I am the one who asks and gets worried if not answered right away. But I never get weary of living my disequilibrium life. I perceive it as an exquisitely grotesque way of living. This made me believe that the moment you stopped asking about what the future holds, that’s also the moment you stopped caring about your life.


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