Alphabet of Love


Withered flowers, crumbled edifices, faded photographs, dissipated memories, exhausted hearts, excruciated bodies, ostensible minds, infinitesimal foresight, dreadful spirits- these are witnesses of people who once loved but were left writhing in pain.

IMG_20160103_222320Many of us have loved people who, in our own hopeful minds and hearts, are right for us. We think we deserve them and they deserve us. He may not be everything that you wanted, but he is something. You love each other for 6 years and after that he’ll tell you that being with you is becoming more and more pointless. He became so accustomed to you that he already failed to notice the new things that you tried to disclose. Being ignored is not a simple thing so you decided to let go and break on yourself.


Love makes us hopeful. Love creates illusions. Love is a shuffled taste of bitter and sweet. Love is a mystery, the only known truth about love- it involves pain.


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