You and the World

State of Mind


If I ever get to choose between you and the world

I’ll choose you without any fear and uncertainty

Because living without love is nothing but death

And a world without you is nothing but a world

Full of combined colors which result to black

Full of laughter from empty, desolate people

Full of choices that don’t really make you happy

Full of chances that will make you routinely fail

Because you lack that single thing

That gives meaning to everything- love.


Best Author

Life Imitates Art

Behind ordinary lives are extraordinary stories.

Photo from an Exhibit at Porta Vaga Mall

There are people who unconsciously walk towards their solitary dreams. There are people who determinedly climb the mountain of hope. There are people who reluctantly stopped moving. There are people who gave up in the middle of the fight. There are people who keep on chasing other people, thinking that they are their dreams. There are people who never noticed the person behind them.

There are people who never appreciated the journey, they just thought about the destination. Whoever you are, be the best author. 

Legend of Let Go


Photo by John San Juan

If you ever find your way to the sun

And forget about the things we’ve done

I will hardly let you go, let you run

Because I know in my heart, you aren’t gone.


I completely understand that you’ve dreams

And that I was once your source of gleams

But we know love isn’t what it seems

It flows then ebbs like the water on streams


Our legend of let go had started

The moment you told me the things you’ve wanted

You want to go, to fight, and to overcome dread

So I told myself- hold on to a single thread


Today is the day that my sweaty palms get a rest

From gripping hardly on to my best-

Best love, best test, best feeling, best arrest-

You, you who is my desolate soul’s best guest.