Half of Whole


Artwork during UPB Art Sale

Many men have kissed my body

I loved it so I pushed myself further

Until I feel the sting of their bites

I scratch their backs and pull their hair

I liked the feeling of swollen lips

Conflagrant touch and blazing eyes

Melting bodies that form a barrier

I was kissed too many times that

My soul continues developing callus

That’s what I allowed to happen

When I exposed myself to

Contacts that don’t make me feel

Something in my heart and soul

Touches that are concerned only

With my sensitive and delicate senses

And when the real man comes

It’s true, I kiss excellently

I know how and when to act

But on my part, oh darling

I’m cognizant of what I’ve lost-

The feeling of a genuine kiss

The type of contact that will make

My heart somersault and mind float

Callous and apathetic body is all I have

And the idea that I found the best kisser

Of my body, soul, and soul

Now, listen to what I have to say-

Preserve the things you want to persevere.


Dance Tomorrow



I love you, just like how the ocean embraces the shore

Without any prejudice I just dive in

Is this love in a perfect sense? I think not.

But love isn’t about perfection but acceptance

It’s not choosing the type of sand I want

But touching the shore as a whole

I come with waves and current and splatters

But most of all I come with energy- love.


I love you, just like how a mute person talks

I can hear, feel, smell, and see you, always.

But I never really said the words inside me

I hope I made you feel my love

Because loving you is not about me

It has always been about you

I want you to know how wonderful you are

How wonderful you make people feel

How being “you” makes me want to love you more


I love you; I hope this is an illusion

Not because I know you’ll never love me

But because I know I have to move on

It’s not the unrequited feelings that hurt

But the idea that I have to let go of this

Because I’m still dancing with my soul’s desire

And I think I’m not yet ready to dance with you. 


Break Love

One Love


Writing about you is a journey

Knowing that your life’s a story

A story that’s sometimes lonely

And I hope it’s often happy

Thinking about you is a burden

You’re a punishment in a den

Of beauty where heart’s ridden

To be engrossed in pain and pen

Talking with you brings smile to my face

It makes my eyes glitter in a haste

My heart, my heart, as if it’s in a race

Tries to follow the run of your pace

I never thought that one day

I’ll find myself in a bay

Of ambiguous, winding way

Where my heart wanted to stay

Suppressing my love is hard

Sometimes I just want to move forward

Whisper to you the words I guard

And let you be my vanguard

I had these doubts and uncertainty

Perhaps, I’m considering it as an ignominy

But when I look at you- it’s worthy

You are nothing but perfection for me

I’ve waited too long to realize

I’ve done so much to analyze

The way I feel is paradise

I’ve decided, today I’ll break the ice



Photo by Helen Ancheta

Imagine how wonderful it feels like to travel alone and witness the beauty that no eye has ever seen. Most of us think that we need money to travel and see exceptional creations but the truth is-

beauty is everywhere.

It’s in the winding road, shining sun, falling leaves, loud laughter, heavy breathing, unsolicited smile, and many more.

But if you can’t find beauty in these things, then look at your reflection and focus on your heartsomething outside and inside you is beautiful.

Harmony Between Eyes and Hearts


Artwork by John Marthin Albayalde

 I don’t use my eyes when I look at people because if I do, I’ll end up hurting and misunderstanding them, it will make them lonely, and I don’t want that to happen. Using our eyes more than our hearts is the same as deceiving ourselves. We all know that the body is ephemeral and ever-changing, why focus on it? One day that person will lose his smooth skin and voluptuous muscles and if they were the reason that you loved him then it follows that sooner or later you’ll choose to go away.

People are more than just bodies; we are much more than our façade.

We are burning souls waiting for someone to embrace the heat, not just the fire.

Unnatural Love

State of Mind

It is natural for people to love. We love the sun in a cold morning. We love a flower that has a standout beauty. We love works of art. We love music, books, and foods. We love our beds. We love going to a park. We love the aroma of a brewed coffee. We love to love because love is lovely.

Photo by John San Juan

What’s unnatural is when people love each other. You know? We don’t love pain. We don’t love sacrifice. We don’t love being controlled. We don’t love imperfections. We don’t love being compelled to do something. But that’s the taste of real love- choosing to get through it when nature tells you to escape.