Break Love

One Love


Writing about you is a journey

Knowing that your life’s a story

A story that’s sometimes lonely

And I hope it’s often happy

Thinking about you is a burden

You’re a punishment in a den

Of beauty where heart’s ridden

To be engrossed in pain and pen

Talking with you brings smile to my face

It makes my eyes glitter in a haste

My heart, my heart, as if it’s in a race

Tries to follow the run of your pace

I never thought that one day

I’ll find myself in a bay

Of ambiguous, winding way

Where my heart wanted to stay

Suppressing my love is hard

Sometimes I just want to move forward

Whisper to you the words I guard

And let you be my vanguard

I had these doubts and uncertainty

Perhaps, I’m considering it as an ignominy

But when I look at you- it’s worthy

You are nothing but perfection for me

I’ve waited too long to realize

I’ve done so much to analyze

The way I feel is paradise

I’ve decided, today I’ll break the ice


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