Dance Tomorrow



I love you, just like how the ocean embraces the shore

Without any prejudice I just dive in

Is this love in a perfect sense? I think not.

But love isn’t about perfection but acceptance

It’s not choosing the type of sand I want

But touching the shore as a whole

I come with waves and current and splatters

But most of all I come with energy- love.


I love you, just like how a mute person talks

I can hear, feel, smell, and see you, always.

But I never really said the words inside me

I hope I made you feel my love

Because loving you is not about me

It has always been about you

I want you to know how wonderful you are

How wonderful you make people feel

How being “you” makes me want to love you more


I love you; I hope this is an illusion

Not because I know you’ll never love me

But because I know I have to move on

It’s not the unrequited feelings that hurt

But the idea that I have to let go of this

Because I’m still dancing with my soul’s desire

And I think I’m not yet ready to dance with you. 



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