Half of Whole


Artwork during UPB Art Sale

Many men have kissed my body

I loved it so I pushed myself further

Until I feel the sting of their bites

I scratch their backs and pull their hair

I liked the feeling of swollen lips

Conflagrant touch and blazing eyes

Melting bodies that form a barrier

I was kissed too many times that

My soul continues developing callus

That’s what I allowed to happen

When I exposed myself to

Contacts that don’t make me feel

Something in my heart and soul

Touches that are concerned only

With my sensitive and delicate senses

And when the real man comes

It’s true, I kiss excellently

I know how and when to act

But on my part, oh darling

I’m cognizant of what I’ve lost-

The feeling of a genuine kiss

The type of contact that will make

My heart somersault and mind float

Callous and apathetic body is all I have

And the idea that I found the best kisser

Of my body, soul, and soul

Now, listen to what I have to say-

Preserve the things you want to persevere.


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