Imperfect Future


Perfection is impossible to achieve as long as it depends on matter. This is the reason why when we plan about our future, it seems like everything will go smoothly. Future is a present that covers itself as a  flawless, abstract idea that will make you look back and feel good.

As time passes by, the future that was once in your mind is now in front of you. Future has turned itself to a material world where you are inside of it. One day you’ll wake up in this future and realize that things are not going the way you’ve planned. The walk that you thought about becomes a walk without slippers on. The jump that was on your mind was a jump towards the cliff of conundrums. A visible future is, indeed, imperfect.


Nonetheless, the future, i believe, is still better than today. 

This imperfect future is a manifestation of your courage to take a step out of stability. This imperfect future is a daily reminder of your endurance in life. This imperfect future is a twist of events that will whisper to you- “you are surely alive.” And most of all, this imperfect future gives you the opportunity to go to another future with more learning, strength, and faith with yourself, with the people who helped you get through it, and with the One who has it all figured out.


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