Euphoric Oblivion

Eye Spy

Never forget the way I looked at you with glittery eyes and jittery heart. Never let the memories of our haphazard talks slip out of your gargantuan mind. Never bury the feelings I made you feel. Never ever place me in euphoric oblivion.

Artwork by John Marthin Albayalde

Because if there’s one thing that catapulted me out of my own thin strokes and unnoticed facade, it’s the heavy thoughts I have whenever I listen closely to every word you say. The massy perception brought by different people who will never be the same as you gave me the courage to think that I’m somehow unique and beautiful. You helped me get out of my own cage, prison, wall, shell, and body. Let me tell you that it helped me a lot in searching for where my heart is.

However, I know you will always meet random people like me. You will always find someone who has a better state of being and I believe you’ll choose that person over me.

I will be a book you once read and left in the corner that will soon be under other books with other covers and scented papers. When that time comes, I swear to the walls and lights that saw you holding my heart, I will be ready.


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