Don’t See, Just Seek


The most beautiful thing to experience in the world is walking through a place where you don’t know what you’re stepping on, where your destination is, when you’re going to finish it, and how will you walk through it. The most enchanting memento you could ever have is everything that you’ll learn from the enigmatic journeys you have to go through.

Photo by Jayson Isidro

We, people, are moving in a world of constant perplexity and vagueness. In a labyrinth composed of gamut of unknown possibilities, interrogative sentences, and secretive revelations, we are compelled to conquer whatever’s in front of us. But I know we aren’t left in total darkness and murk. We will always have a little moment to look at the subtle lights. There is light in a baby’s smile, flower’s bloom, person’s tears of joy, someone’s overwhelming story, wind’s whipping force, rain’s roar, river’s flow, bird’s songs, sun’s light, night’s mystery- there will always be light that we, sometimes, neglect to stare at.

The moment you see a light in someone or something, hold on to them because once in your ephemeral life they gave you the reason to believe on things that aren’t apparent to everybody. You can even choose to love their ambiguity– the light they bring can make you happy and melancholic at the same time.


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