Memories and Solipsism




Do you really want to go back?

I remember the days when sleeping, running, laughing, falling, crying and playing are done without any hesitation. Those were the times when I play in the park without any fear. I used to stand on the swings and move my body in a way that would almost make me feel like I was flying in the catatonic atmosphere. Yes, those ecstatic times are done. They can only be relieved now.

But no matter how good, I will not choose to go back to those times. It’s not that they’re bad; it’s just that life is not about stability. I always hear people say, “I wish I could go back (to my childhood life.)” It’s not bad, wishing to go back. What’s bad is complaining about today while appreciating the past.

Why? Because every time we ignore what’s in front of us, in order to believe that what’s on our mind is better, we show how ungrateful we are for every little thing that we’re blessed with.

Yes, just move on. Spare yourself from the misery of memories and solipsism.


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