The Saddest Word

People go. They always go.

Photo by Kurt Callejo

I am in the process of bracing myself for every pain that ephemeralness may bring. Since time immemorial, I never expected someone in this world to remain in my life. No one’s going to remain for any one. Actually, I’ve realized that even I won’t always be here for myself. That’s how constant change is.

The people we love, they change. The people we trust, they change. The people we care for, they change. The people we’ve spent time with, they change. We all change. Then there will come a time that we are no longer who we were, so we go. We go to be another person who’ll eventually change again.

Certainly, I’m not telling you and myself not to love and trust and care and spend time with any one. What I want to tell us is to find someone who is worthy of our love, care, and time. Let’s wait for the people whom we think are worthy to take away pieces of our fleeting lives. They are worth waiting for, those people who will change and go but will never make us regret that we’ve shared a part of ourselves to them.

Again, people go. WE ALWAYS GO. That’s why in every page of our stories, we can only choose to stay a little longer with the people who are worthy to occupy a part of our limited space in our page.



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