Curve of Fate

Sometimes, life makes us want to give up. We wake up in the morning with a calm heart. We walk amidst the ethereal crowd with high hopes. We make choices that we think are right. We realize the consequences of our action. We have a predicament in front of us. We exert our best in getting through all these things. We get through it. We sleep. We do all of these just to wake up and do them again. Suddenly, we ask ourselves- am I going to live my life doing the same things?

Photo by Jayson Isidro

If we encounter the same facets of life, eventually, we’ll get tired of looking at our reflections on it. We are afraid of change and yet we are constantly in need of it. We are in a process of actualization where change makes up the most part of the methodology. The change that occurs in us, either for better or for worse, is a part of who we should be before we become actualized. Who we are today is not the best version of ourselves.

We need to understand that change involves taking risks, feeling things, letting go, holding on, pressing forward, having faith, and suffering. Let us bear in our minds that life was never made to be easy but we, living bodies, are made to be strong. We are strong enough to live this life, we just have to uncover ourselves and show what we’ve got. Let’s expect the freight that the future carries with itself and then let’s prepare ourselves. We are in a daily battle for the realization of our dreams. If our dreams remain as dreams, it’s because we never pushed ourselves in order to realize them.

I think the most heartbreaking memories that we could ever have are those that make us remember how neglectful we were in making our dreams a glistening reality.


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