I Want You


I want you to kiss me

As if our lips are similar

To the ocean and the shore

Dive in me, thrive in me

Make me scream your name

Until my voice becomes empty

As my heart turns into a vessel

Whose viscera is filled with your blood

And touches, and scratches

I want you to hurt me

With conflagrant passion and desire

Mark me with your bites

Claim me with your cries

Move like a zephyr as we go

To the zenith of our lost love

Move as if I’m paralyzed

Because I am

I am

I want you to mutilate me

Remind me of the pain

That hardness brings into a soft heart

Remind me of the tears

Cover my ears with your both hands

Moving through your shadows

Let me read your silent words

While feeling the way you perfectly fit

In my hand and fingertips

I want you to let go of me

But before it happens, I want you

I want you to make me feel

Your rigid body and steady heart

Close to me as if it’s mine

The exigency of being yours

Is too much.

Artwork by John Marthin Albayalde



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