With You

Shared Journeys

There’s nothing better than having your skin under my aching grip.

Flickering lights and falling rain made the night beautiful, but having you here, beside me, made everything so perfect. I forgot about life’s obfuscating ostentations; you make everything seem so real, raw, and refreshing. The way your lips and eyes smile is contagious that I, too, can genuinely smile for no reason.

Photo by Kurt Callejo

 In this ever-moving world, you’re the one I want to be with.

I want to clutch on to you as if you were in my possession, as if doing it can make you mine. Remember, you don’t have to hold me back because I’m already yours. I’m yours every time you say my name. I’m yours every time you flash that precious smile of yours. I’m yours every time you look at my eyes. I’m yours every time you attempt to search the deepest abyss I could ever excavate in my heart. I’m yours as long as you’re alive. I don’t know; it’s just that I’m yours.



Cup of Tea

The Things We Leave Behind

The golden sunlight, which radiates the horizon made by skyscrapers disappears after more or less 8 hours. The same thing happens with the glowing moon and stars which make the ocean glimmer with lights. They all disappear- the roads we’ve walked through, the books we’ve read, the cup of tea, the people who served the cup of tea, the wonderful person who listened to our stories as we drunk the cup of tea. This world and everything that clings into its precariousness will disappear.

This makes us sad, of course. It’s hard to know that the house we built for a decade will soon turn into worthless ashes. It’s hard to let go of the feeling that the cup of tea brings into our shivering body. It’s hard to let go of the people who stayed with us through thick and thin, the people who have truly loved us. It’s hard.

But maybe there’s a reason for everything’s evanescence, to remind us to live before we leave. 

Be calm as the cup exudes the aroma of the tea. Let’s close our eyes as we picture how tranquility moves around the air. Open our eyes and talk a little with the people we love. Take a sip and feel how intoxicating the drink is. Drink gradually and beautifully then leave the cup to where it’s supposed to be.

Photo by Jasmin Honorato


Leaves Fall

The Things We Leave Behind

Photo by Jasmin Claire Honorato


I don’t know what to feel now.

My hands are shaking and my palms are sweating as I hold on to the last strand of your presence. The days spent with you are treasured and wonderful. I remember every detail of our togetherness, from beginning to end. The way you touch my shoulders while your lips twitch with every word you utter is precipitating in me a light atmosphere. Your contagious smile and glistening eyes make you look like a work of art. And artworks, no matter how beautiful they are, are abandoned after some time.

I don’t want to let you go. But you made me do so.

I don’t want to leave you because I know that you hold my heart. But what’s worse than leaving someone who holds your heart? It is compelling that person to hold your heart despite his unconcealed refusal.




Deeply Loved


Photo by Helen Ancheta

Inside a person  is a deep, unfathomable abyss that no one has ever tried to look into. The abyss is surrounded by colossal walls that seem impenetrable. It’s solitary, cataclysmic, impalpable but beautiful in its own ways.

Love is about finding the person who will not leave you despite the abyss’ state of being. It’s hard. Finding the person who will envelope his or her soul around a broken piece of somebody else’s soul.

However, hard doesn’t mean impossible.

Never ever try to fit anyone’s mold in. If a person really loves you, he or she will help you grow until you realize that he or she is worth the changes you will make with yourself.



Say It

A Piece of Advice

FB_IMG_1434895238310I think it’s a trap, saying that “actions speak louder than words.” 

It inculcates in our system that as long as we move the way we do, we no longer need to explain ourselves. The lack of verbal expression often leaves people with overwhelming questions that are left unanswered. And these questions inundate us with a plethora of discombobulation.

Actions should be validated with words as well as words should be validated with actions. Because you know what, the best way to kill someone is to make them guess.

Don’t be afraid to show what you really feel. 

If you’re angry then yes be angry. If you’re sorry then show how sorry you are. If you care then caress that person’s life. If you’re tired then take a breath, utter the words- “I’m tired,”- and take a breath again. If you’re in love, then make him or her feel your love through your words and actions.

Whole Holes


She was born with a carapace

Of faith and fears and fire

Incarcerated in her heart are dreams-

To become a woman, to love

To feel, to grow, and to live

But between those dreams were

Fickle flux which lead to detours

She never wanted and experienced

Her soul ventured along the roads

Filled with deep laughs, erotic stares

The fragile heart started to beat so fast

As if it’s chased by a catastrophe

And it is

They resonated in her mind

Sounds of horrifying expressions

From heartless men who trampled

First, her body

Second, her mind

Third, her heart

Fourth, her soul

Lastly, her everything

Here they come!

The voices of the accomplices

Who put the blame on her

On her clothes, on her dreams, on her body

On her humanness

Oh! What a painful reality she has

They’ve forsaken her for being a woman

An imperfect, flawed, living woman

Faith and fire were gone, she’s with fear

To become a woman, to love

To feel, to grow, and to live?

Foolish choices in a foolish world

Foolish people

Not all holes are meant to be filled

Some holes just need to be respected.

Taken during an exhibit at the Baguio City Museum









Turn Around


Remember the day when someone you love stared at you intensely, studied your physique with hollow eyes, touched you with smooth and burning palm, and turned his back at you as if what he saw is nothing but a broken piece of mirror. That’s what you’ve allowed to happen when you let him in. When you started making thoughts that you thought were brought by him, when you allowed yourself to fall into the abyss with nothing but petty, delusional illusions, when you showed him you care even if he doesn’t give a damn about you, when you buried yourself in his cold arms, when you cried on his apathetic shoulders, when you created the word love instead of infatuation, when you thought lackadaisical approaches were just momentary and seasonal.


Small Celebration


Photo by Kurt Callejo

When something big happens, we just focus on what happens.

In our lives, what do we celebrate? Isn’t it our ‘big days’ like birthday, graduation, marriage, anniversary, and all the other days that everybody is very excited about. Don’t get me wrong, celebrating during those days is actually healthy for us.

But there’s one thing that I really want to tell you: behind big things are small details that are often left unappreciated.

Every day is part of those big days. Thus, we have the reason to celebrate even the simplest things in life such as the free oxygen and vast sky.

Moreover, every day shouldn’t be taken for granted because each day matters. This day will determine what tomorrow would be like.

Therefore, we shouldn’t let a day pass by without doing the best actions, choosing the best choices, and loving the people we love.

More Than


You skittish but smart mouth

Together with your lethargic eyes

Matched with unlined cheeks

They are all fine and good

Good at making you seem fine

How many times did you do it?

Feign the glow and glimmers

Which appear in your face

As your heart clatters with cries

Whose pieces are crawling

Back into its wholeness


I can see through you

Decaying bones and ossifying flesh

You are a broken soul

But you aren’t a broken soul alone

You are beautiful and strong

And mesmerizing and heart-breaking

And moving and holding on

To something impalpable

Which is the best thing

People could ever believe in-



Azure Sky

Look Up

13140494_1715071105405492_396239561_nFlickering lights precipitated in me a glint of hope that one day my world will wake from its somnolence.

I love looking at the sky. Calmness and inexorable thoughts are brought by its azure glow.

Sometimes, this is all I need- the sky and its unreachable images. I learn from it.

The sky tells me that no matter how vast the possibilities are, I have to focus on my reality.

There may be towering skylines which block what I want to see but it’s not enough reason for me to walk through life in order to see what I really want to see.

Lastly, the sky reminds me that there’s more to life than what we see today.