Compilation of Opposition


Photo by Jasmin Claire

Every living creation is a compilation of opposition. 

I am good and bad. I make choices that are right and wrong. I sleep with a calm and chaotic heart. I  rise and fall. I cry and laugh. I glow with colors and monochromes. I always inhale and exhale. I live and die, everyday.

Whenever we meet someone, let us not expect them to be pure, unchanging, and total. Let us remind ourselves that they will always transform into something we’ve never expected.

And when we see them change, I tell you, embrace them. Make them feel that whoever they are, they are welcome in our arms. No matter how devastating it may be to see the people we love change, let us hold on to them. Because sooner or later, we’ll be the one to change. We’ll be the one wanting to be accepted. So let us to the same to them.

This is what makes anything genuine- accepting someone or something as unformed creatures that deserve love.


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