Small Celebration


Photo by Kurt Callejo

When something big happens, we just focus on what happens.

In our lives, what do we celebrate? Isn’t it our ‘big days’ like birthday, graduation, marriage, anniversary, and all the other days that everybody is very excited about. Don’t get me wrong, celebrating during those days is actually healthy for us.

But there’s one thing that I really want to tell you: behind big things are small details that are often left unappreciated.

Every day is part of those big days. Thus, we have the reason to celebrate even the simplest things in life such as the free oxygen and vast sky.

Moreover, every day shouldn’t be taken for granted because each day matters. This day will determine what tomorrow would be like.

Therefore, we shouldn’t let a day pass by without doing the best actions, choosing the best choices, and loving the people we love.


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