Say It

A Piece of Advice

FB_IMG_1434895238310I think it’s a trap, saying that “actions speak louder than words.” 

It inculcates in our system that as long as we move the way we do, we no longer need to explain ourselves. The lack of verbal expression often leaves people with overwhelming questions that are left unanswered. And these questions inundate us with a plethora of discombobulation.

Actions should be validated with words as well as words should be validated with actions. Because you know what, the best way to kill someone is to make them guess.

Don’t be afraid to show what you really feel. 

If you’re angry then yes be angry. If you’re sorry then show how sorry you are. If you care then caress that person’s life. If you’re tired then take a breath, utter the words- “I’m tired,”- and take a breath again. If you’re in love, then make him or her feel your love through your words and actions.


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