Leaves Fall

The Things We Leave Behind

Photo by Jasmin Claire Honorato


I don’t know what to feel now.

My hands are shaking and my palms are sweating as I hold on to the last strand of your presence. The days spent with you are treasured and wonderful. I remember every detail of our togetherness, from beginning to end. The way you touch my shoulders while your lips twitch with every word you utter is precipitating in me a light atmosphere. Your contagious smile and glistening eyes make you look like a work of art. And artworks, no matter how beautiful they are, are abandoned after some time.

I don’t want to let you go. But you made me do so.

I don’t want to leave you because I know that you hold my heart. But what’s worse than leaving someone who holds your heart? It is compelling that person to hold your heart despite his unconcealed refusal.





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