Cup of Tea

The Things We Leave Behind

The golden sunlight, which radiates the horizon made by skyscrapers disappears after more or less 8 hours. The same thing happens with the glowing moon and stars which make the ocean glimmer with lights. They all disappear- the roads we’ve walked through, the books we’ve read, the cup of tea, the people who served the cup of tea, the wonderful person who listened to our stories as we drunk the cup of tea. This world and everything that clings into its precariousness will disappear.

This makes us sad, of course. It’s hard to know that the house we built for a decade will soon turn into worthless ashes. It’s hard to let go of the feeling that the cup of tea brings into our shivering body. It’s hard to let go of the people who stayed with us through thick and thin, the people who have truly loved us. It’s hard.

But maybe there’s a reason for everything’s evanescence, to remind us to live before we leave. 

Be calm as the cup exudes the aroma of the tea. Let’s close our eyes as we picture how tranquility moves around the air. Open our eyes and talk a little with the people we love. Take a sip and feel how intoxicating the drink is. Drink gradually and beautifully then leave the cup to where it’s supposed to be.

Photo by Jasmin Honorato



9 thoughts on “Cup of Tea

  1. Lol… You surely love your tea. Makes me think you are British… Beautiful thoughts though. Your post just made realise that we are all just a passing lot, and it’s best if we make the most out if while we still can.

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    1. HAHAHAHAHA yeah it’s funny. I didn’t have the plan to place the cup of tea at the center of the writing but I wrote it once so I just kept doing it. I am a Filipino. Thank you ash!

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