When Do We Cross?


There is a season for everything. What we should be doing at the age of 19 is not the same as what we’ll do when we turn 29. Summer wear will never be appropriate for winter. A baby doesn’t climb a tree because it’s not yet the season for him to do so.

One day, I was walking through a busy city with a person who has a busy mind then all of a sudden this person asked me:


This question made me realize something- there will always be a right time.And when we fail to follow the pace and timing of things, we’ll only suffer from unnecessary pain and face a distorted shape of ourselves and our lives. 

The moment we ask this question and realize the path we have to go through, we can never disregard the presence of the unknown. We’ll see the precarious bridge that tells us to never step on it and just remain standing in place. Under this bridge is a deep body of water that serves as an abyss of enigmatic pain and pleasure. And at the other side is a mountain of new experiences that will help us grow.

We know that to cross is to leave what’s behind us and to run after something which we don’t know about. But the important side of crossing is knowing that there’s a lot of surprises for us and that we have a future. I tell you, in life, there’s nothing better than overcoming our fears and finding out about our destiny with the world and with people.


10 thoughts on “When Do We Cross?

  1. I find that I can be spending a lot of time debating crossing and it is so long that the opportunity to cross leaves. Or I find that I cross at the wrong time and lose an opportunity. It can be a perilous decision. Great post!! I really like the photo too.

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    1. Sometimes, I also find myself doing the same thing. Before I cross, I want to figure out all the possibilities, but I learned that we’ll never know everything. All of us experienced breaking the right moment, but what’s important is helping yourself to make it all right. 🙂

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