Don’t Stop Living

Here and Now


Artwork during an Art Exhibit at Porta Vaga Mall

Life was never made to be easy but people are born with the capability to cope with its hardships.

How cruel the world is! It doesn’t stop just because we are tired, sick, or even dying. We are left with choices that have automatic answers– either you die while fighting or you die without living. So dance with the rhythm of the world, sway your body as people move, drag your feet as every corner of the earth forgets about you. Choose to look at how great your opportunity is the moment you lived.


Preserve to Persevere


img_3818“I can hear the breaking of the raindrops as they kiss the earth; it’s beautiful. The continuous, reverberating sound of their splattering makes my heart light. They make collision and catastrophe lovely. Look at them, just falling. They fall and break and they don’t mind at all. Nature has a really brave heart. Maybe because it knows that nothing is wasted.”

Why is it so hard for us, people, to understand that nothing is wasted? Our inability to understand the principle of conservation of everything – everything is neither created nor destroyed, everything is just transformed from one form to another – is what breaks us.

We are so absorbed by the idea that there’s something better than something. We think that happiness is better than pain. We think that “the more, the merrier.” We think that the present is better than the future. We think that the person in front of us is just someone that God has put in our lives for the sake of nothing.

As a result, we are so afraid to love. We become apprehensive when we find ourselves caring too much, loving too much, asking too much, thinking too much, understanding too much; we fail to realize that through these things, we’re living too much. And isn’t that what we want, to maximize our lives?

To live without love isn’t living at all.

Soft Spot


Photo by Jasmin Claire

There is what I call “soft spot” in everybody’s heart. There’s a section of the heart clouded by the anger of the past, sadness of the present, and dread of the future. There’s a section of the heart made murky by dark desires, blurred foresight, uncertainties, and doubts. There’s a section of the heart grounded on principles, theories, ideologies, philosophies, beliefs, culture, and traditions. There’s a section of the heart allotted for joy, peace, bravery, endurance, and discipline. There’s a section of the heart that’s open and close.

And there’s a section of the heart- preserved, untainted, and close until it becomes open, narrow, and hard to reach where we keep our loved ones. That is our soft spot, the place where the people who can build us up or rip us into pieces belong.