Incredibly Painful


There is something incredible

In the way the stars make people admire

A heartbreak that shakes the deepest core

Of a dismantled body of flesh and bones

In the way the sky precipitates

A condensed feeling of emptiness

Because of someone’s evaporation

In the way the sun pushes the back

A fragmented person has structured

In such a way that it’s too broken

To break again


12305957_1661245007454769_2048960747_n (1)
Artwork during an Exhibit at Baguio City


There is something painful

In the beauty of every tingle

That someone’s grip can cause

It leaves a mark of the person’s fingerprints

In the corners of your frail body

Scratches and wounds start thriving

You feel them, and you’re tender towards them

In the way we take care of the things

Which broke us beyond repair

For no other reason than the person

Who left us scarred


There is something incredibly painful

In knowing that people go

Always and always, people go

Sure, it will hurt like the way

A hot water burns the tip of your tongue

It lasts for days and with every passing day

You know that you’ve been burnt

Because even when you no longer drink the hot water

The tongue, with everything it tastes, remembers

The way, every way, its own way

Of sticking itself out just so it can feel

The fluidity of every atom in the particle

But just like the tongue, we become healed

After some time

There is something incredibly painful


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