Every ticking of the clock is a reminder of a force that has kept us going.

We passed through a tunnel filled with empty darkness. Glinting mysteries and austere fantasies gave color to the pale ambiance of our transcendent venture for solace and silence. We hoped. We hoped because that’s what we do when we see nothing. We also tried. We tried to wriggle against the molder which was formed by the jagged edges of our solitary pasts. Many things obstructed our view of the blazing light at the end of the tunnel.

Now that we’re here, shining and smiling, may we look back to the path we walked through. Please know that we am proud. We are proud not only of our good moments which formed memories. We are proud of all the moments when we had to fight hard for our destiny, these formed our lessons. And these memories and lessons make us who we are today.

Photo by Jasmin Claire

As another path unfolds, may we value the pain of yesterday and use it in alleviating the pain of others. Give love because that’s what people do, we give and we love. Let go of all the things which we don’t have any hold of because that’s what we’ll all do in the end. Hold on because there’s a lot of things which are meant for all of us, we just have to have enough courage to hold on on to them. If something is for us, nothing can take it away.

All of our paths are challenging. We have to push a boulder with an injured hand because even before we see that boulder a tree has already fallen over our thirsty bodies. Paths are long-winded. But I know that each person’s path is yearning for the only man who will spend his time to enjoy the journey it has to offer.

We should never abandon our destiny. Never.



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