Love Maps


A lover should know cartography.

You should know what it means to crawl on an ornate labyrinth of wormwood and blueberries where an undefined, bittersweet scent diffuses its way towards your blood. You should savor the art of flaying your body as you venture in the deepest oceans of thoughts and voices and words while demons in the sky chase you. You must take a breath. Every now and then, you must take a breath because to die while searching makes everything futile. You should take a step forward or sideward but never backward because moving backward is the worst thing you could ever do in a journey. Forward means you have the faith in your destination; sideward means you’re looking for a new way to arrive; if you can’t choose any of the two, it would be better for you to turn around. To turn around is to have the courage to be honest about the fact that you no longer want something. It is painful with a bright side, it is truthful as well. To move backward is to lie, to make the destination believe in something ephemeral. Painful is all that it is. A lover has the courage to face the journey, the destination, the detours, and most of all, his or her own soul.


But before travelling, you should know where you’re going. You should know what you’re looking for. Is it a vale of ferns and moss? Is it a flowing river of silent tears? Is it a desert of scratched skin? In this life, it’s easier to look for many things as long as you know them than to look for a single thing without knowing what it really is. There is only one way for a man to know what he or she is looking for- by believing; by believing that there is something worth seeing. And with that belief, you create in your mind a sacred caricature of what you want to see. And when you see it, you are in awe because it’s not what you wanted to see. Life always takes us by surprise. We only know what we really love when they’re finally in front of us.

To be a lover is to be a creator of maps that will make us closer to what we love. To be a lover is to be a keeper of maps so we have something to remind us the reason why we chose to take the first step whenever we want to go back. To be a lover is to be a believer of what you love. To be a lover is to be a relentless believer that there is always something surprising to see in our destination.