Bittersweet Vanity

Against the Odds

“Death isn’t the opposite of life. It is a part of life.”

The flow of blood and the beating of the heart end up pausing for too long that it becomes impossible to return. The capturing of sceneries and reliving of memories are the easiest things to do when you’re about to lose the ability to be a part of sceneries and memories of other people. The feigning laughter and melancholic tears pass away. Life is a vast collection of bittersweet vanity.

Our moments are excruciatingly beautiful. We know that our loved ones will depart, our cup of coffee becomes empty, our mushroom soups get cold, our bodies walk towards our graves, everything vanishes in the end. This is the best knowledge we could give to ourselves – death is on our side.

How are we supposed to live an ephemeral life? We don’t have to be miserable. We should be grateful that our wounds stay for a little while, not always. We should be grateful that we can love despite our limitations. We should be grateful that we’re not meant to run around distorted circles until we become sick of it. We should be grateful for the coffee, we saw the difference between hot and cold. We should be grateful.

We should be grateful. And the greatest act of gratefulness in life is to live as if death is in every step we take. 



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