Stripped Off

Artwork at BenCab Museum (by Benedicto Cabrera)

There is nothing better than seeing yourself with your own eyes and knowing that what you see is really you. The process of becoming, that is the only journey you must traverse.  Nothing else.

A lot of people stare at themselves only to find out that they are made of vast emptiness. It’s not true. No one’s empty. Vast emptiness only happens when the beholder attaches the object (themselves) to something futile, to something that, in the end, might mean nothing. These people are those whose ‘self’ has become dependent on ephemeral things — money, success, external beauty, other people, criticisms, compliments, and many more.

When someone sees that emptiness, that person must look harder. And the best way to look into the ‘self’ is to ask the question — when everything has been stripped off of me, what is left for me to see? It’s hard to imagine what a person is without the skin, the flesh, the hands. Without the barriers. But why should anyone allow themselves to experience disillusionment when they can actually live in reality?

And when you finally see the ‘self,’ whatever it is, do your best to love it. To simply accept the good and the bad. To be patient enough to make it better every single day. Because that’s you. And no one else will be you. Never will there be a single person in the entire universe who has the same ‘self.’ It’s not easy. The more you know something, the more you see their flaws. You aren’t flawless, we all know that. It takes a long time, but time won’t even matter when you start to wake up and to close your eyes while knowing that you’re living the life you want to live.

This is the most remarkable thing I’ve realized about living life —

Owning a life and claiming it as yours are two different things. 

You choose. It’s your call. You’re not a prisoner.





6 thoughts on “Stripped Off

  1. Your caption is good, if you have choice but it a chance as you cannot change until death as we born as humans first to feel thy self and later it’s the gender feel to be felt even we cannot change by outer appearance and organ transplants. Only the real nature of soul it would be the same

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